Excepting help is the hardest part, esspecially when you think you you have been doing so well to control your anxiety. In the last few months i havent been able to update my blog as i have been so busy dealing with huge amounts of anxiety. I have no relised that if i want to […]

The fear of going out is one of the most annoying feelings ever. A feeling that can prevent you from doing some of the most simple jobs. In the past 3 months this feeling has been growing and growing on me. The great thing though is it failed to control me this time round as […]

Im sorry i havent been writting much. Ive been dealing with a lot of anxiety and have gone backwards. My fear has been so high i cant even do the basic stuff like wait in a que or stand to wait for traffic to pass so i can cross. Its like my anxiety has mutated […]

Ive all ways hated accepting that i have a disibility. I dont i like to acknowledge that im unable to do something because i find it difficult.  Yesterday i was thinking to myself, maybe thats why i cant find love maybe thats why i find relationships hard. So i started wondering do you both need […]

breaking the loop of Anxiety a youtube video that i found to be very interesting.

Only have to walk outside at the moment and im filled with anxiety and a feeling of dizzyness and dread. This doesnt help when my job needs me to be outside all day. Im gonna need all the energy ive got to over come this feeling. Luckly ive been here before with this feeling. Hopefully […]

merry christmas and a happy new year