Stay where you are and don’t move! One of the many things that you are told to do when having a panic attack. The idea is to allow you to calm down and realise that you are perfectly safe and nothing bad is going to happen. The same sort of thing happened in the titanic […]

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Some of the symptoms and behaviours that i have to deal with, with anxiety. some of then i can deal with others just drive me insane. feeling of falling The feeling that i’m going to fall flat on my face, or that i need to bend over to steady my self. reoccurring dream  falling through […]

some common life events which can cause stress. Personal issues  illness or injury Pregnancy and becoming a parent bereavement long-term health problems Organising a complicated event, like a family holiday Friends and family  getting married or civil partnered going through a break-up of getting divorced difficult relationships with parents, siblings, friends or children being a […]

If you experience anxiety, you may find that you can identify with some of the symptom listed below. 

Try A Breathing Exercise 

Breathe deeply into your stomach, then breathe out slowly – make your out-breath longer than you in-breath. Repeat until you feel calm.

Ive been reading lately about other celebs who suffer with a illness or metal health problem that this makes other people in the public feel better that a celebrity in the public eye is all so going through the same pain.