Traveling with anxiety has become the normal for me, where as once before i was able to jump on any sort of transport and go where i like. Its now more of a hassle and i need time before i can even do the most basic form of traveling.

This all started in 2009 when i started suffering with anxiety and slowly i found my self not being able to do the most simple of tasks. Which at first i found really frustrating and annoying.

Slowly over the years i have worked hard to combat the difficulty of traveling. A lot of people would say “oh just jump on the train you’ll be fine”. when your feeling really anxious and you feel dizzy and sick and not being able to stand or even sit still for very long, because all you want to do it run because you don’t feel safe.



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About anxiety and me

Hi my name is Michael, i have suffered with panic disorder since 2009. From 2009 to about 2013 anxiety ruled my world and prevented me from doing all the things i loved and enjoyed doing.




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