Today i tried the most simple task of going to my bank, to pay in some change that had built up in my piggy bank.

It all started off really well. I manged to walk all the way to my bank with out a hitch as normal.


I must have been standing in the Que for about 10 mins and started to feel funny and was feeling a little uneasy on my feet, feeling very dizzy.

I managed to wait it out and got to the counter, the assistant said are you OK? i replied “No, panic attack” She asked “can i get you anything” I said “no” and handed the ticket over to pay in the money. I managed to get my card into the reader and then decided that i wanted to give up and took my stuff and walked out. I walked round the block and thought that i would try again, feeling bad that i had given up so quickly.

The second time round i managed to complete the transaction.

You should never give up on anything that you want to do, don’t allow Anxiety to rule your day. if you don’t succeed the first time try again. The panic attack will subside


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About anxiety and me

Hi my name is Michael, i have suffered with panic disorder since 2009. From 2009 to about 2013 anxiety ruled my world and prevented me from doing all the things i loved and enjoyed doing.




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