Traveling on a train for most people is just part of their day to day routine.

When I have to go traveling on a train. I have to be on the right sort of train and I need to have plenty of time to get my self-ready.

I can’t just jump on any train, I need to be on the right model of train. The one below sets me off on a panic attack.

Southern 313 train

313 train sitting at Brighton

I find this train to uncomfortable and rickety to travel on and not very smooth.

Oddly though if I can get this type of train below I have more of a chance of getting to the place I want to go to.

Southern 377 train

Southern 377 train

Annoyingly though southern have put 313s in place to do the small local travels, letting the 377s do the longer journeys.


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  1. Hi Michael I’ve read your blog and I really feel for you. It must be awful to be suffering like you are. There is a method called the Linden Method which claims to be very successful in treating people with anxiety disorder. Enter The Linden Method on your pc or iPad and have a read. Best of luck. Linda

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About anxiety and me

Hi my name is Michael, i have suffered with panic disorder since 2009. From 2009 to about 2013 anxiety ruled my world and prevented me from doing all the things i loved and enjoyed doing.


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