Mental health starts at 14, says Jeremy Hunt. May be he should talk to the 4.5million people in the uk that suffer with mental health issues and ask them what age it started for them. I was 23 when i started suffering with panic disorder. I can assure you that no one when i was […]

Having anxiety shouldnt be a reason for you not to be in a relationship, but Anxiety can make relationships difficult. Imagine being in a relationship where one of you is religious and the other one isnt. Well unless you understand that persons view in life and can work together with out using it to debate […]

Fear is a lier. How many times have you feared that something bad might happen. With anxiety we constantly make up things in our head that we belive to be true. Im going to be sick is one of the biggest lies are brain tells us when we are having a panic attack. It never […]

Being positive will win dont get sucked in from anxiety.

Its been my dream ever since i was 16 to be self employed to be my own boss and run my own business and earn my own living with out having to rely on an income from another company. Nearly four years ago now i set up a dog walking business that consontraits on walking […]

thinking is something that all of us do and it can be a great tool in life, sometimes it can allow us to make the right decision and even have a light bulb moment and start off a great new career and make us loads of money. Unfortunately for many people in the UK and […]

I’m not Judgmental, I just suffer with anxiety and I don’t feel safe around new people.