The worst panic attack ever. I tried every thing to stop the anxiety attack getting bigger, I spent over ten minutes trying to control my breathing and keep my self in order. 

I call my support worker to see if they can help me out of it, in the end i had to end that call as the anxiety levels just kept growing. 


For nearly two years now i have been getting this feeling when i am standing that i am falling forwards or leaning to far forward, in fact im standing straight. Every so offen when it happens i have to try and correct the way im standing to try and correct the feeling. 

Alcohol and anxiety

can anxiety be caused by alcohol? alcohol can temporarily reduce symptoms of social anxiety – which is the reason many turn to it. Alcohol can also increase anxiety, irritability, or depression a few hours later or the next day. Even moderate amounts of alcohol can affect one’s mood and anxiety level. Drinking alcohol to reduce anxiety – does it help? people believe that having […]

Anxiety stops when you get used to the situation. This is true in most circumstances, like learning to drive or taking GCSE’s ect. When it comes to anxiety disorder this may not be true in my opinion. There’s a massive difference to your every day anxiety’s of life and the anxiety from mental health. Everyday […]

Getting the right type of train


I see many people who have a blog have a picture of themselves on their site somewhere so I thought I might as well.

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