Try A Breathing Exercise 

Breathe deeply into your stomach, then breathe out slowly – make your out-breath longer than you in-breath. Repeat until you feel calm.


Its been my dream ever since i was 16 to be self employed to be my own boss and run my own business and earn my own living with out having to rely on an income from another company. Nearly four years ago now i set up a dog walking business that consontraits on walking […]

I’m not Judgmental, I just suffer with anxiety and I don’t feel safe around new people.

Anxiety stops when you get used to the situation. This is true in most circumstances, like learning to drive or taking GCSE’s ect. When it comes to anxiety disorder this may not be true in my opinion. There’s a massive difference to your every day anxiety’s of life and the anxiety from mental health. Everyday […]


Once I had got to the hospital they connected me up to all the machines you could possibly think of and my heart rate at this point was now doing 190 beats per minute, They me as if i was a heart attack patient for the first half hour. They all so took blood which they lost and had to do again.


Is anxiety forever… This all depends on the person you are.

Scoring panic to help me get on with my day.