Anxiety stops when you get used to the situation. This is true in most circumstances, like learning to drive or taking GCSE’s ect. When it comes to anxiety disorder this may not be true in my opinion. There’s a massive difference to your every day anxiety’s of life and the anxiety from mental health. Everyday […]


Once I had got to the hospital they connected me up to all the machines you could possibly think of and my heart rate at this point was now doing 190 beats per minute, They me as if i was a heart attack patient for the first half hour. They all so took blood which they lost and had to do again.

Lately, i have been back in the circle of Anxiety. With out fail every day that I have woken up I have had a panic attack. that the brain plays on you, for many people this can be a hard one to jump out of. As you have to try and take your mind away […]

Didn’t i do enough? Is some times the question when you start suffering with anxiety. Where did i go wrong? 

Half the time its not what we have done that brings on anxiety, it can just be a natural effect.

I don’t believe it is something that we can stop from happening, its part of our human self to protect us from danger. If it was that easy to stop happening then im sure the millions of people suffering from anxiety would do all they can to stop it.

Of course there are things in life that we can do to try and balance things out like having a healthy diet and going out and working, at the end of the day this is only preventative and still has a failing point.

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